Time to get into canvas art?


So you’re happy with the pictures. They look good, very good. But what them to look great? Then you need to think about various framing options, and the increasingly popular canvas art look.

Make no mistake: for many people, myself included, there is no better way to display your favourite images. By printing pictures on high quality canvas and having them hand-wrapped around a wooden frame, the result can often be spectacular – not to mention the added and huge advantage that these frames easy to mount on any wall.

But like any form of art, you need to be sure which type of canvas to go for. There are no doubt many cheap options of the market, though I would strongly caution against anything that isn’t 100% cotton and at least 320gsm canvas. Beware polyester/cotton mixes which have lower prices but can reduce the quality of images. And pay a lot of attention to the thickness of the frame, which anything less than 2,5cm likely to be sub-standard.