A day in the life……can be a long day

It’s called “A Day in the Life” though to be honest, it can feel like a lifetime! But the results of doing a family style documentary photo-shoot in Dubai – such as the one I recently did with my mentor the brilliant Kirsten Lewis – can be nothing short of remarkable.
As I soon found out, a day means just that – a full day photo shoot. In our case, it meant the door bell ringing at 5.50am before our kids woke up. By the time they did, the photo-shoot was well under way. The moment they woke up, crawled out of bed, brushed their teeth and even some early morning games…by 7am I think at least 200 pictures had been taken.
The real trick to a family documentary photo-shoot is for the family not to realize the photographer is there.
Kirsten spent the whole day on a Saturday with us, which included breakfast, a trip to the beach, preparing lunch, playing in the garden, eating ice cream and bed time stories.
My husband – who was less keen on the project, also had no escape from the family documentary photo shoot.
As a family documentary photographer, the most important thing for me is to blend easily into a family routine. For the family, it is to quickly forget I am there. But as I hope you will agree with the pictures below, nothing is better than real life pictures. You and your family in their completely natural environment. It is these little moments which make our lives so special, and when the years have passed we will treasure them even more.