Don’ t stop and pose during a family documentary photography

My favorite type photography is what’s known as a family documentary. Whether you are looking for a simple children’s studio portraits, newborn photography, actual birth photography or even outdoor kids photography by the beach – going down the documentary road changes everything?

Why? It’s simple, because these are what I like to call “real photos” and each of this photos is telling a story. Specialist children’s photographers like myself usually started out with studio shots and props. Don’t get me wrong, nothing wrong in that. But capturing kids, and ideally their parents as well, in totally natural poses, can deliver incredible results. By natural, I mean everything: laughing, crying, playing, fighting, eating, drinking, even sleeping!

However the biggest challenge for a family documentary photographer is not so much for me but for the people I am taking pictures of. We have all our lives been trained to stop and pose whenever we see a camera lens. When it comes to family documentary photography, usually over the course of several hours in a day, standing still is absolutely the one thing you must never do.

If you can somehow forget I am there, and there is a camera in your home for the day, I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised by the results!