Don’t ever let your husband take your birth pictures!


Okay, so your new baby is barely two seconds old, having just come into the world at Dubai’s Hospital. It is a moment to treasure, with the new born photography something that you will treasure show off for generations to come.

But who should be in charge of that all important new born photography? And by that I don’t just mean those first few seconds of life, but the entire experience of birth, from the hours before right through to the first kiss with your new angel. Usually, despite Dubai being a place where there is no shortage of hired help, there is only one candidate for the job: your husband.

Unfortunately that is a mistake – a mistake I made three times when it came to birth or new born photography. Think about this for a moment: your husband is probably shaking with excitement and relief. Mine was, as well as texting his friends. His hands are like jelly. His concentration, after several hours of watching his wife give birth, is all over the place.

What kind of pictures will he take? Almost certainly they will be out of focus, in completely the wrong angles, the worst lighting – and worst of all, hardly any actual family pictures will be captured. Most men will take a shot of the baby popping out and that’s about it. My husband took more pictures of himself posing with the nurses than of our new baby.

Strangely, even though bring a new child to the world is the start of a long and expensive journey, we never think about spending a small amount on hiring a professional birth photographer to capture these key moments.

It’s worth thinking about. Don’t believe me? Just look at these pictures my husband took…