FAQ family documentary photography Dubai


How does it work?

We come to your home and document, as much as we can, an entire in the life of you and your family. This could involve everything from waking up to getting dressed, bathing the children, reading, playing – and even trips to the sea and supermarket.


What do we have to do?

Just act completely normal, treating this as any other day in your life


How long does it take?

For a full documentary we often advise a full day – from the moment your kids wake up until the moment they fall asleep. But if that’s not possible, at least 5 hours in a morning or afternoon is needed to capture as much as possible.


What should we wear?

Exactly what you always would – don’t choose anything different for the shoot.


Are the pictures and poses staged?

No. We want you to about your lives as normal, with a child’s tears and tantrums all part of the documentary. Remember, we are trying to capture your true life at this moment in time.


How many pictures do I get?

We charge a flat fee of AED3500 for a full day, and AED2500 for half a day. We will create a gallery of min 100 pictures for a half day and 200 images for a full day  for you included within the price, with further options to purchase additional pictures and products.


When do I get the pictures?
Approximately 2-3 weeks after the shoot is complete.