FAQ birth photography Dubai

How does it all work?

Put simply, in the hours leading up to you giving birth, during the actual birth and in the first two hours immediately after – I will be there with you to capture those incredible moments. From the anticipation on the faces of you and your partner, to the very first breath of your newborn, and the first time you touch and hold your baby, every single moment of this incredible experience will be recorded forever.

Will you not be a distraction?

The entire project is done as a fly on the wall documentary style. In other words, for the most part you should not notice me at all. I will not at any stage be asking you to look into the camera or in any way distracting the medical staff.

When do I book your services?

Naturally we need to plan the likely delivery date at least four weeks in advance, not just in case the birth is early but so I can clear my schedule around that time.

Do we meet before the actual birth?

Of course! It’s important that we both bond well, and also so I can talk you through the entire process and take on board any requirements and requests you have.

Do I then need permission from the hospital?

Yes for all newborn photography in Dubai taken during delivery, permission must be granted in advance. Most hospitals have no issue with this.

When do I call you?

Once you are in active labour. Most of Dubai is reachable within half an hour. I usually prefer not to leave my house until you are around 5cm dilation. That should give a good couple of hours of pictures before the birth, as I don’t want to be there too early.

Does it matter what time I give birth?

1pm or 1am makes no difference, once booked I will be there – having had three children I fully understand that the timing cannot be planned!

What if I need a C-section?

That will be up to the medical staff as I cannot guarantee I would then be allowed into the delivery room.

What do I get?

You receive a minimum of 100 high res digital images.

What is the cost?

I charge a flat fee of AED 3000 which includes the entire session (regardless of how long it takes, even if you end up in labour for several more hours than planned), 60 guaranteed high res images.

When do I get the pictures?

I know how keen you are to see them…you will receive a link to the 60 images, set to music, within 10 days of the delivery.

Will my pictures be used online?

I will ask your permission to use a selection of the images on my web page, though you can of course decline.