FAQ studio session children Dubai

How does it work?

It’s simple: you bring your kid or kids to our home adapted studio in Umm Suqeim, and we do the rest. Of course, we all know how tricky it can be for children to adapt in a new environment, so of course depending on the child, you may want to help get them settled. The more help to get them expressive, the better the results.


What’s in the studio?

Being a home studio, there is an ample selection of toys to keep your children occupied, alongside some of the most advanced lighting, backdrop and camera equipment in the UAE.


What should my child wear?

The more clothes the better. A mix of smart, formal and casual- long and short sleeves, black and white, all work well against a variety of backdrops. And don’t worry if you are stuck for choice: we have plenty of outfits for ages one to five.


How long does it last?

We usually try and wrap things up within an hour, as any child’s concentration span is rarely longer than that.


But what if they behave badly?

Don’t worry, that’s what kids do…we have enough toys to grab their attention, and the more energy they have the better. In the very few occasions where a child simply refuses to enter the studio, we are happy to re-arrange the session for a later date at no charge. And if it still doesn’t work, you won’t be charged at all. No pictures, no cost.


Can adults join in?

Absolutely. We very much recommend having at least a couple of images with the parents involved.


Can we bring props?

Feel free to. Some parent don’t like them, some do. We are huge fans of props and in the studio we have everything from a child’s scooter to child’s guitar. We believe that these help bring out more expressions in a child, but again, if you don’t want props we won’t use any.


How many pictures do I get?

You are guaranteed a preview of at least 15 separate and different high resolution pictures from the session. Prices vary depending on how many you choose to purchase, though there is no obligation to purchase any (in which case you only cost will be the session fee of AED300). Additional packages including a variety of framing options can also be purchased at the time or at a later date – please refer to the pricing section on the website.


When will I get the pictures?

Ten days after the studio session you will be sent a link from which to preview the pictures and make your purchase choices. Once you let us know, we will arrange for delivery of the USB and collection of payment at the same time. You will also be sent details of various framing options.