FAQ underwater children’s photography Dubai

How old must the children be?

Children of any age can attend the photo shoot. That said, the ideal starting age is around 3 years so the child can be on their own inside the pool without support. The older they are – from around 4 years onwards – the more the variety of shots we can take, including underwater diving and other stunts. If your child can open their eyes under water, we can achieve much more spectacular results.


How long will they be inside the pool?

Usually the session takes from 30 minutes to 1 hour, I keep taking pictures until kids get tired.

The actual timing of the shoot depends on your location in relation to the sunlight, as maximum direct sunlight makes for far better pictures.


What type of pool do I need?

First you need your own clean pool (or access to one). Baby pools are fine for under 3 year olds, but beyond that age the shallow end of full size pools work better.


What should the children wear?

We normally start off with some basic swimwear, we can also move to fully clothed pictures – feel free to dress them in their favourite outfits, and even add props such as skateboards, balls and other toys. You will be surprised what can be done underwater!


Can they wear googles?

They can wear googles but we don’t recommend it as it tends to block much of the face.


If it doesn’t work…

Don’t worry – we know that sometimes, come the big moment, children can get cold feet and not wish to get into the pool. If so we can reschedule the session.


When do I get the pictures?

2-3 weeks after the studio session you will be sent a link from which to preview the pictures and make your purchase choices. Once you let us know, we will arrange for delivery of the USB and collection of payment at the same time. You will also be sent details of various framing options.