FAQ underwater maternity photography Dubai


What does it involve?


Well it’s a lot easier than giving birth! Just slip into the pool and let us do the rest! Swim, sit on the floor, pose, move around – we will guide you around the water to get the best possible pictures. Ideally you will also be willing to go underwater with your eyes open.


How pregnant should I be?


You want to look heavily pregnant with a fairly large and round tummy so we don’t recommend coming before 28 weeks, and you can go right up to around 38 weeks.


How long does it take?

Most clients will be in the water for between 30 minutes to one hour.


What should I wear?

A variety of clothing is perfect, beginning with a swimsuit and moving onto night gowns and maternity clothing. Yes it will get wet but we promise it is worth it!


Is it safe?

Absolutely  – indeed being in the water while pregnant is a great form of exercise.


Where is it done?

You need your own pool (or access to a private pool), standard size and clean. We cover all locations within Dubai.


When do I get the pictures?

Ten days after the studio session you will be sent a link from which to preview the pictures and make your purchase choices. Once you let us know, we will arrange for delivery of the USB and collection of payment at the same time. You will also be sent details of various framing options.