FAQ wedding photography Dubai


1/ How much does it cost?
There are so my different variables such as length of wedding, type of wedding – whether you require day after shots and so on…it is impossible to get an accurate price without getting more details from you. But as a guide, I come with a team of 3 and the final price is not below AED8 ,000 for a full day shoot. Happy to discuss your needs and give a detailed quote.

2/ Which locations do you cover?
I live in Dubai and can cover any part of the UAE.

3/ Do you work with an assistant?
As indicated above I have a minimum team of three for weddings. One is a professional photographer (my so-called “second shooter”) and the third a photography assistant. I sometimes have a second assistant.

4/ Do you edit the pictures?
Yes everything is done by my company. What you get is the finished work.

5/Do we need permissions for photography on location?
Most hotels will need to know in advance and some may require my trade license, which I can provide.