Wedding Photography Dubai

I have to be honest: I never set out to be a wedding photographer. My initial passion was always children’s photography, and my first ever wedding shoot was unplanned. To say I fell in love with the concept within seconds would be an understatement.

There is of course nothing that can compare to the joyous atmosphere of a wedding when two individuals and two families become one. It often involves people of different ages, different backgrounds and different cultures brought together for a few hours in their lives, and probably never again.

I realized then that wedding photography is a unique concept and a privilege. Yes, the bride and groom are the two most important people in the room: but I like to approach wedding photography as the bride and groom being the star attraction in a room full of stars. Everyone attending the wedding is there for a reason, and I try to document that reason through photography. My goal is for you not to worry about me on the day – you have enough to worry about. Most times, you may not even notice me. But I hope, once you see the pictures, you will not forget me!