Why do kids open their eyes underwater?

One of the delights of working as an underwater photographer in Dubai is you get to see things most people would never guess to be true. To this day, one of the simplest and most startling things I have seen is the fact that young kids – generally under the age of five – always keeps their eyes open underwater.
As an underwater photographer – me and the team at BabyAngelsPhotography are both grateful and curious. Why is this? We all have our theories, including the fact that at this age they not only are fearless, but don’t actually see the point in closing their eyes. And the fact then when out of the water they are not rubbing them suggests that maybe the 99% of us who do close our eyes are the ones who are doing in wrong.
Nevertheless, as I hope you will see from some of the pictures I have taken, the results are spectacular with eyes open against a backdrop of detailed water movements and channels.
Many adults have asked me about doing an underwater photography shoot for them. And my response is always three words. Open your eyes!